We are a 100% Australian owned and operated lighting design company created to provide high quality and innovative lighting fixtures to the Australian market. Our sole mission is to create unique lighting pieces that will be proudly displayed in every customer's home. 

Lampada Lighting encapsulates all the qualities to make an interior space "shine". Elegance, sophistication and smooth operation are the key features of every Lampada product. We promise to exceed the local competition in terms of quality and design. This is accomplished by our strict selection of materials, attention to detail and the use of cutting edge technology. Backed up by years of experience in the Australian lighting industry, our design team works closely with the best lighting engineers to create the ultimate lighting solution.

All Lampada products are fully compliant with Australian standards and regulations and come with a minimum of 2 Year Warranty Guarantee for absolute peace of mind. 

Browse through our range of products to understand our vision: To be innovative and creative in the world of lighting.